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A 200 year old recipe, 'Nduja has been passed down from generation to generation!! 

A smoky, spicy, spreadable Salami!

Made in America and available for YOU!

A new favorite on your Charcuterie Tray!

The 'Nduja Guys, founded by two Italian immigrants,  Agostino Furci and Pasquale Calello, are from the small town of Spilinga, Italy.  We take great pride in distributing the finest and most delicious meats including our famous 'Nduja.  We have always envisioned making the best 'Nduja that everyone can enjoy! We have amazing home made recipes that are made with pride and passed down from generation to generation.  Passion is our drive and we are determined to share that with our customers!

As we venture on this journey, our passion is carried out by sharing with others and educating them about our culture and the history of 'Nduja, and other Italian cured meats.  

Our products are sold to individuals as well as small businesses.

This is why we take pride in OUR small business. 

Please feel free to tag us on social media while enjoying our product! Grazie!

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